USRC Gunner

USRC Gunner

The USRC Football Section was founded in 1995 over a few drinks and football talk in the Club’s Gunner's bar – a tradition that has long continued! Since that initial idea took shape nearly 20 years ago, USRC now boasts over 70 players and three teams: Gunners playing in the Legal League Division 1, 1911 playing in the Legal Legends League and Vitesse, our ‘social’ team.

Since joining the Legal League in 2008 USRC has never looked back, eventually forming two teams – Power and Experience – the former finishing in third place in Division One during 2013-14 via an open, attacking style delivered from a ‘United Nations’ of players from five of the world’s continents.

USRC Gunners, the rebranded USRC first team hopes to light up the League (sorry) with dazzling football (groan) from a multi-cultural mix of young players and the odd “master” to show them how it’s done. As always, we hope to be there or thereabouts when the trophies are being handed out, but if not, we’ll entertain the crowds anyway.

USRC looks forward to welcoming everyone to Friday night football at King’s Park and extends this welcome to all teams after every game to come down to the Club’s Gunners Bar which is just around the corner. Here all players can enjoy some beer, food and in-depth, post-match, (...ahem...), “analysis” in true pub footballer style.

  • Manager:Matthew Ferriday ( 67901044)
  • Assistant Manager:Steve Cairns ( 97631984)
  • Team Colours:Green shirts and black shorts (home), red shirts with white shorts (away)
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Matthew Chan
2 Ben Man
3 James Hooper
4 Ian Armour
5 Mark Brown
6 Daniel Chuk
7 Federico Martorell
8 Jamison Muncer
9 Matthew Ferriday
10 Jonathan Mok
11 Gary Monaghan
12 Sam Bensley
13 Eoghan Young
14 Ho Wang Leung Hollan
15 Marc Myers
16 Nathan Els
17 Ian Casey
18 Marcus McMillan
19 Mark Jobbling
20 Kieran McBride
21 Stephen Cairns
No. Player Shirt No.
22 Roy Man
23 Ross Crichton
24 Christopher Ingham
25 Gwillym Cornes
26 Marcelo Vastola
27 Humber To Luis Toscan
28 Lau Pak Kwan Patirck
29 Adrien Lau
30 Tom Grainger
31 Chris Jay
32 Alistair Dawson
33 Greg Turner
34 Harry Barnard
35 Conor Manion
36 Andrew Henderson

Transfers14 Remaining

Out In No.
Marvin Cadoret humberto luiz toscan 16
Michael Fry 15