Club Tropicana FC

Club Tropicana FC

Club Tropicana FC has had more name changes than Prince ... and won just as many awards! Founded as Monopoly FC in 2003 by Legal League legends Andy Blank and Richard Broadhurst, we began life in the Corporate League, winning the League in our first season and the Cup in 2005.

We joined the Legal League in 2006 and gradually established ourselves as a competitive force. Following a narrow loss to Spartans in our first Champions League Cup final in 2010 we have become regular winners of silverware:

2011 – Champions League Cup Winners & Sevens Cup Winners 2012 – Champions League Cup Winners 2014 – Division One Champions 2016 – Plater Winners & Sevens Plate Winners

Monopoly became Initiative FC for the 2013/2014 season and won the Division 1 title in dominant fashion. With Broadhurst stepping down it looked like the end of an era but the club was re-invigorated by Chairman Stephen Wozencroft and his appointment of management dream team Adam Bilbey and Kevin Reid – and Club Tropicana FC was born.

We continue in the traditions of playing competitive social football but win or lose you’ll find us on a Saturday night at Flame Bar in Wanchai knocking back pints, necking shots of tequila and belting out Wham classics! If you’re interested to join and find out more we can be contacted at

  • Manager:Kevin Reid (
  • Assistant Manager: James Manning (
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:Home – Yellow top & socks, black shorts / Away – Orange top & socks, white shorts
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Adam Bilbey
2 Stephen Wozencroft
3 Kevin Reid
4 Frazer Adams
5 James Manning
6 Adam Wise
7 Eamon Dick
8 Nicky Lam
9 Will McVeigh
10 Paul Ryding
11 Mark McGleenon
12 Kaki Tsang
13 Fergus Handy
14 Francois Landais
15 IP Chi Kwan
16 Edward Blythe
17 Stefan Fuchs
18 Kyle Wagner
19 Jon Pacheco
20 Keith Halley
No. Player Shirt No.
21 Nathan Beaumont
22 Nicolo Staffieri
23 Joe Clayton
24 Roman Timm
25 John Rammage
26 Tom Portegies
27 Barnabas Shaw
28 Kieran Robinson
29 Calum Erskine
30 Matthew Joyes
31 George Knight
32 Adien Walker
33 Remi Depalmas
34 Richard Barnes
35 Filip Tomasik
36 Stephan Farias Bastos
37 Daniel Snell
38 Gordon Tindle
39 LOK, Long Tin (Timothy)

Transfers16 Remaining

Out In No.