Young Guns

Young Guns

Young Guns first started off as a team of a few childhood close friends who would come back from boarding schools from UK or USA and play in friendlies and tournaments in the summer holidays. Our first "home pitch" was a small 5 on 5 concrete style football pitch located on Conduit Road where we spent more time honing our skills there than at home. Having a good core and mix of players, we started expanding the team a little each year by recruiting friends/players from our universities. The name Young Guns epitomizes the players that is our team - Young players who are ready to fire and carry the load.

Two years ago, we decided that we'd want to fulfil our dreams by taking our team to a higher level of competitive football, so we joined the division II of the A-league. After a successful season having seen us promoted to division I of the league, the second year was marred by a bit of irregular schedule resulting in the team almost always unable to fied a full squad. Having heard many positive reviews about the legal league through a few friends, Young Guns decided to switch to a more organized and structured league. Afterall, we are just football fanatics that probably wouldnt play professionally but would like to play fun and competitive football under the next best alternative environment

  • Manager:Brian Wong 98652130
  • Assistant Manager:Justin Wong
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:Blue
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Albert Tong 11
2 Andrew Ho 19
3 Anka Wu 5
4 Asa Poon 7
5 Bobby Yu 2
6 Brandon Ip 24
7 Brian Wong 17
8 David Tse 9
9 Dennis Chan 18
10 Garry Yu 8
11 Gordon Chung 23
12 Isaac Chan 87
13 Jackie Tam 14
14 Jacky Leung 12
15 Justin Wong 10
16 Kenneth Hui 44
17 Nicky Lo 20
18 Jimmy Cheng 99
19 Woo Wai Ho 25
No. Player Shirt No.
20 Owen Liu 6
21 Simon Fan 30
22 Simon Ho 3
23 Tatlai Wong 16
24 Terence Leung 15
25 Wilfred Ma 34
26 Ha Shing Chi 45
27 Law Nok Yin 46
28 Justin Pei-Yan Chang 48
29 Kevin Hong 70
30 Andrew Mak 98
31 Mak Ka Wing Kelvin 97
32 Ben Ng 96
33 WONG Chung Hong Phil 25
34 Tsui Kit 26
35 Shiu Yik Tsun 22
36 Lam Sai Hai Adrian 27
37 Christian Mariani 57

Transfers15 Remaining

Out In No.
Louis Lai CHENG MING TO (Jimmy) 16