Samurai Blue

Samurai Blue

SAMURAI BLUE - Nickname of Japan Nation Football Team.
Samurai Blue FC - Founded in Dec 2012.

We are a bunch of football lovers!! We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we like to respect punctuality and respect football. After our first Honeymoon season in the league - a long road of getting our final squad, we have now grown up & became stronger with a proud team of boys who are playing with a 'SAMURAI SPIRIT'.

Our team has a great blend of youth and experience. To us football is part of our life and a full time project, not just a Saturday afternoon.

Although we are inspired by Japan's samurai blues, we welcome people of all nationalities with a good attitude and passion to play good football !!!

We have a multinational team with representatives from the 5 continents: we got people from Europe (French, British, Irish, and Greek), America (Brazil, Columbia), Africa (Tunisia, Mali and South Africa), Australia and obviously Asia (Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia).

  • Manager:Kais KHADHRAOUI (6490 9921
  • Assistant Manager:Joey CHEUNG Ho Yin (9100 0876 /
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:Home: Blue/ Away: Red
No. Player Shirt No.
0 Payman Nejad Safavi M787
0 Rishabh Tandon M481
0 Tarik Bensari R616
0 Nicolas Ralph, Mc Keown
0 Lee James Mc Quard
0 Christpher Matthew Corcoran
0 Kevin Frimpong
0 Mohamed Karman Khan
0 Debendra Chhetri
0 Nabin Guring
0 Siu Cheuk Him
0 Rifan N. Aziz
0 younes Aboubker
0 Peio BURUCOA 88
0 To Chun Kiu
0 Feargal Mac Murchaidh 12
0 Yang Zhang George 17
0 Chow, Ho San 91
No. Player Shirt No.
0 Ravi Sukhwani 24
0 Conor killeen 44
0 Toby Yuen 30
0 Pan DaHui 15
0 Ahmed Jemli 9
0 Wassim laribi 2
0 Tony SMITH 51
0 Himalaya Ghale 22
0 David Eoghan Horgan 7
0 Tsui Wai Lung Ryan 14
1 Aaron KO 8
31 Manji Peter Kassam
32 Prashan Gurung

Transfers13 Remaining

Out In No.
Ng Ming Ho 16
Benjamin Cadman Tarik Bensari 15
Samuel Wolstenholme Benjamin Cadman 14