Forward FC

Forward FC

FWD FC (originally named Hamsap FC) was formed in 2008 and began by playing friendly games through the Casual Football Network.

After winning the double in the social 'HK Soccer League' in the 2009/10 season the decision was made to enter the Hong Kong Legal League, which offered a more competitive challenge.

In their debut season, Hamsap FC finished 2nd in Division 1 and were Champions League Cup semi-finalists. In the subsequent 2011/2012 season, the team were crowned League champions and Champions League Cup runners-up. The 2014/15 season saw a renaming of the team to reflect new sponsorship, and FWD FC went on to finish runners-up in the League.

In their most successful campaign yet, the 2015/16 League and Cup titles were claimed in an unprecedented double.

From its roots in casual football, the team strives to play good football in the right spirit. Roll on 2016/17!

  • Manager:Barnabas Shaw
  • Assistant Manager:Peter Brady
  • Team Colours:Orange (home)/White (away)
No. Player Shirt No.
1 Barnabas Shaw
2 Peter Brady
3 Jim Kwok
4 Charles Fegely
5 Hing Wa Poon
6 Ben Francoise
7 Daniel Kloeden
8 Arnaud Fonne
9 Ozzie Shanino
10 Filippo Giordano
11 Asaif Premji
12 Edmund Lam
13 Tugdual Iquel
14 Shohei Shida
15 Joss Marriot Payne
16 Habib Stor Spiller
17 Jesus Parrilla
18 Marco Bellanda
19 Kafi Harun
20 Paul Gallagher
No. Player Shirt No.
21 Joseph Lawrence Gomez
22 Damien Martinez Espejo
23 Grant Swinburn
24 Tae Hyun Moon
25 Sergio Martinez
26 Victor Minguez Lopez
27 Jamil Kassim Omar
28 Ouro Bodi Souhourou
29 Shakoor Abdullah
30 Silvio Jit Ruprah
31 Cyrille Latrous
32 Marc Harvey
33 Simon Tan
34 Modou Badjie
35 Gurung Surendra 61

Transfers15 Remaining

Out In No.
James Cottam 16