HK Zi Jing FC

HK Zi Jing FC

Hong Kong Zi Jing Football Club (named as “The Club” below) is established in 2012. The team is consistent and stable with players from different backgrounds including Mainland, Hong Kong, and United Kingdom. We have had more than 6 years of experiences participating in amateur soccer leagues in Hong Kong.
League organizations including:
· 2012-2013 Mainland Premier League (1st Runner Up)
· 2013-2014 Mainland Premier League (Champion)
· 2015-2016 Cosmos League Division 5 (Promoted)
· 2016-2017 Cosmos League Division 4 (Promoted)

Squad List:

  • Manager:WEI WEICHENG -
  • Assistant Manager:QU DI -; BILUN GAO -
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:H: Purple - A: White

Transfers16 Remaining

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