Barbarians FC

Barbarians FC

Barbarians FC originally known as Hong Kong Turks FC. Established in 2006 by a group of Turkish living in Hong Kong.In 2008 the team merged with a local team DIY. In 2009 and 2010, this team competed in The City League first division. DIY was double crowned in 2009 by winning the league title and the cup.DIY disbanded as manager of the team had some health issues and from then on the teams separated. Hong Kong Turks FC competed in one more season of The Happy League but the performance was not as expected and team members have been playing in other teams till this year. Most of the members were also playing for Hamsap FC at beginning, some of continued on that team and others moved to the Over 35 Forward FC. In 2020 the team members reunited and formed The Barbarians recruiting multi-national players competing in The Legal League.

The main objective of FC Barbarians is to maintain a social group with players who enjoy playing together but yet have a competitive structure to compete in leagues. 

Squad List:

  • Manager:EVDUZEN, Yavuz Selim -
  • Assistant Manager:ALEMDAR, Teoman -
  • Website:
  • Team Colours:H: White/Blue - A: Black

Transfers16 Remaining

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